10 Compelling Reasons to Book an In-Home Photo Shoot

There’s something so special about bringing a photographer into your home. As much as I love putting on long flowing gowns and running through fields or twirling by the cacti, in-home lifestyle photos will always hold a special place in my heart. Home is where so many core memories are made. It’s where flour coats the counters when you’re making grandma’s famous snickerdoodle cookies, where your favorite reading chair holds the coziest blanket in the house, and where you still slide across the hardwood floors in your socks. It’s where your little girl took her first steps and where “I drew a picture for you, mommy!” means red crayon on the wall (again). No matter how often you clean, there are fingerprints on the windows and stuffed animals scattered on the bedroom floor. It’s the most beautiful version of chaos your life will ever know.

And you want to remember every second of it.

There are so many reasons to bring a photographer into your home to document your growing family. Here are ten reasons you should add this session to your bucket list this year.


Being in your own space with your favorite people can help you relax and be yourself which often leads to more natural and genuine photos.

dressing baby in pink romper on ottoman in home photo shoot

baby girl in romper with mom and dad in home photo shoot


When having a photo session in your home, there’s no need to travel to a studio or outdoor location which saves you a lot of time and hassle. This is especially convenient for families with young children who might need a bathroom break or quick diaper change in the middle of a photo shoot.

family photo with baby in the center with all hands on baby during in home photo shoot

baby girl on dads lap looking at big sister in home photo shoot


An in-home session allows for a more seamless integration of your pets without the need for a leash or distraction from other people and animals.

young boy in yellow shirt hugging family dog in dining room
young girl giggling as she hides under blanket in living room during in home photo shoot


You have more control over the timing of the shoot and can schedule it at a time that works best for you and your family. Having photos taken in your home means not having to always build it around golden hour. Instead, you can plan around your baby’s sleep schedule!

in home family photo of five on living room couch for in home photo shoot

big brother kisses baby sister at in home lifestyle photo shoot

young girl and mom looking at baby sister and smiling during family in home photo shoot

black and white image of baby girl with fingers in mouth


Your home is a reflection of your personality and style, so incorporating it into the photos adds a unique and personal touch that is truly one of a kind. You will never see other images exactly like the ones taken in your home.

baby on dads lap while looking up at camera
girl snuggling with mom on couch

pullback image of family in living room during lifestyle session in home


Your home may offer unique architectural features, decor, or natural lighting that can be creatively incorporated into the photos, providing an artistic touch that sets your final images apart from any other photo.

brother and sister giggling as brother gives piggy back ride to sister in home lifestyle photo shoot
brother and sister giggling as they race up the stairs of their home
brother and sister playing ouiji board in bedroom

siblings on mom and dads bed looking out window

cuddled family photo on mom and dads bed


You have complete privacy during the shoot, which can be especially useful for intimate and breastfeeding photos.

mom nursing baby in recliner
close up image of mom nursing baby in home

young girl jumping in front of mirror watching her reflection

dad holding sleeping baby on couch

sleeping baby on dads shoulder

close up photo of baby eye lashes

shirtless dad holding baby with blue eyes
shirtless dad with tattoos holding baby with blue eyes

black and white image of dad holding baby toes in hands


Homes often provide a variety of backdrops, from cozy living rooms to colorful play rooms. This diversity can add depth and interest to your final gallery.

girl swinging on indoor hammock


Having a photo shoot at home means easy access to your wardrobe. You can incorporate different outfits or styles throughout the session without the need to transport them to another location (head over to one of my favorite boutiques to find this gown pictured below).


When inside the home, you don’t have to worry about weather conditions affecting the shoot, which can be a concern with outdoor locations.

Have you hired a photographer to come into your home? Drop a comment below and tell me one thing you loved about the experience!

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