8 Tips to Prepare for a Photoshoot with Kids

1) Let them know what to expect

In some cases, the fewer surprises the better. This is one them! Kids are going to feel less stressed going into a photo shoot if they have a general idea of what will happen. When you show up to a lifestyle photo shoot, you show up for an adventure. There will be running, there will be jumping, and you better freakin’ believe there will be laughing and having fun during the shoot together. Get ready for the most relaxed photo shoot of your life!

2) Make sure they’re fed

This may seem like a no-brainer, but remember to have at least a small snack in their tummy before arriving. Nothing brings on a meltdown quicker than a child on an empty stomach. Feel free to bring snacks with you as well. There’s always time to break from photos if you need to hand out a small snack to keep them happy and energized.

3) Keep them rested

Today is not the day to skip a nap. Remember, we want this entire experience to be enjoyable for the whole family. A rested child is a happy child!

4) Let them smile naturally

Parents – this is a big one. Refrain from telling them things like “smile better” or “don’t smile like that”. The last thing we want on photo day is for them to feel self conscious about how they look. The most effective way to get a real smile out of them is to genuinely make them laugh. Leave this one to the photographer. We gotchu!

5) Bribes and rewards

As much as we try to plan for a successful family photo shoot, sometimes we are going to have those days when the kids just don’t want to cooperate like you’d hope. We’re not above a good bribe, y’all. This might mean bringing along a special toy they love or promising the reward of an ice cream treat afterwards. Whatever trips their excitement, prepare to use it as an incentive to make for the smoothest photo session possible.

6) Trust your photographer

As much as you’d like to step in and give direction to your family members, please resist the urge. We promise you, if you leave it in the hands of your photographer, you will be rewarded with gorgeous images and lasting memories.

7) Arrive early

Aim for right around 10 minutes before your designated session time. If your session is being held at a new location, arriving early will give the kids a chance to peek around and get to know the area as well as chat with the photographer to give the kids a chance to warm up to us. When they feel at ease, they’ll appear much more relaxed in their photos as well.

8) Just roll with It

When it all comes down to it, we can’t expect everything to run 100% smooth during a photo shoot. Kids will be kids. Meltdowns may happen, pouting may happen. Not every child wants to participate, we get it! They may need some extra time warming up to the photographer if they’ve never met them before. Again, trust the guidance of your photographer during your session. They’ve had lots of experience with children of all temperaments.

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